About Us


Can the bike of your dreams cost less than a run of the mill discount bike from your local cycling megastore?

 We know it can and want to show you how! 

We are Svelte Cycleworks, a group of cycling addicted boys and girls that believe every bike should be something special. From our early days drawing 'Rad' bikes on our homework papers to days spent securing team sponsorship from our favorite cycling companies, we have been curating bikes in one form or another for decades! Our focus is to provide every one of our customers with a bike they never want to part ways with.

My name is Roger, and I started Svelte Cycleworks after helping several friends put together bikes they have since fallen in love with. As a former bike racer, I know the importance of properly combining equipment, the power of personalization and how to cut through the seemingly high cost of the sport. All too often, this information is not given to customers looking for a great bike at their local shop. Instead, they are walked through rows of bikes until they land on bikes within a specific price bracket or bikes the store is trying to rid themselves of, this is not how you start a loving relationship with your next bike! Through many mistakes, countless miles in the saddle and a never-ending quest to get as much bang for my money as possible I know how to make a bicycle special and have discovered the most costly part of cycling is making ill-informed purchases. Buying products based off of cost or convenience is a sure fire way to collect equipment that will bring you increased frustration at an increased price. 

The truth is, well-made bikes do come with a higher price tag, but when that bike stays with you for several years or even decades, of loyal service that cost becomes rather low. We specialize in creating bikes our customers connect with, from laying out personalized paint schemes to fully curating and building your ideal bike, we know how to make your next bike more than the sum of its parts.