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Here's how we save the world from ugly bikes!






Paint Design


Bicycles are meant to be fun and should reflect the personality of their owner, so covering those gorgeous tubes in customized color is the way to go. Plus, we have heard reports of naked bikes being confiscated by 'The Man'! Play it safe and get your bike painted in a fresh coat of personalized goodness. We can craft a design around your concept, develop a layout for you or even surprise you! We will then send you the plan to take to your local painter or arrange to have the frame coated in love by one of our fantastic painting partners.



Dream Builds


How do you take a collection of individual parts and turn them into an object of desire? An object with a soul and character? Unless you or a loved one suffers from extreme bike geek-dom, this is a question you are likely asking yourself. The answer is you have to find a group of bike geeks you can trust to guide you to the bicycle promised land. We just so happen to be very geeky in the realm of cycling and love nothing more than building bikes that give their owners a bit of chest flutter every time they are together. We can guide your complete build, set you up with some incredible hand built wheels or curate the build for you from afar; if you want something more out of the bike, you need to contact us. We will point you in the right direction.





Free Coffee Drinking Services


As cyclist, we understand the importance of drinking our body weight in caffeinated goodness. If you find yourself unable to consume your daily UCI recommended dosage of coffee we are here to help you out and will do it free of charge! Simply...