When Legends Call


How would you guys feel about doing a 20 year anniversary bike based around one of the greatest American racers ever and his legendary “Mondrian” inspired kit? Excuse me?! Think we lost you when we saw “Hampsten” in the email title!! Oh, the answer would be freaking excited, humbled, honored and if we are being very honest, a bit scared!

We can think of just a few cycling items from the past that bring our heart rate up without even using them on a bike. That list would include a classic Molteni wool jersey, a Mapei Colnago C-40 (with Paris-Roubaix dirt please), Obree’s “Old Faithful” hour record bike, a 7-Eleven team bike and any kit with the words “La Vie Claire” written on them. To be asked to work in connection with any of the items from this list is a true honor for us and we have to thank Steve and Andy for entrusting us with their 20 year anniversary paint scheme!

CycleExif wrote up a nice little piece on the project and it just so happens you can read that article by clicking here!

Roger Rilling